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How to make a good PowerPoint Presentation

The use of Microsoft PowerPoint serves as a test of your marketing skills. In order to come up with a good presentation, it requires technical and computer literacy, design skills as well as sense of personal style. If the PowerPoint presentation has a problem such as broken link, unintended font and unreadable text, then it’s probably not a good one. If it has a bad visual presentation, the audience would not take a look or even glance on it. Expertise is nothing without having good presentation to serve as a support.

No matter how great your topic is however a successful PowerPoint presentation still depends on several factors. These factors includes  your attention on the process of your presentation, the design tools you use for your PowerPoint and the devotion you have in having a consistent style. Visual effects does not only help you make your PowerPoint presentation pleasing to the eyes of your audience but it can also attract their interest to hear what you are about to say.

In order to help you make your PowerPoint visually appealing, it would be best if you will make a custom slide and then edit its template design with the use of templates that can suit perfectly to the theme of your presentation. One good side where you can create the best PowerPoint presentation is the Big Apple Templates. This website offers premium PowerPoint presentation themes, templates, diagrams, charts, diagrams and more. Some examples of PowerPoint designs they offer are the following:


Aside from those paid templates, Big Apple Templates also offer free templates such as:


So if you are looking for a great website where you can get amazing templates for your PowerPoint presentation, which can suit perfectly to your marketing needs, then Big Apple Templates is really a good website to have.

Aside from having great and professional design, it is also important to ensure that your presentation objectives are properly aligned as it serves as the main key for your presentation to look professional and polished. Make sure that all the objects you have are placed properly in the slide. You need to get rid of playing guessing game. Just let the PowerPoint work and do the magic by using the tricks.

So visit Big Apple Templates for you to see the great options you can have to make your PowerPoint presentation visually appealing to the eyes of your audience and catch their attentions.

How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation

You can never deny the fact that PowerPoint presentation has become standard and been used everywhere like in government agencies, schools or universities. The following are some of the tips to make a good PowerPoint presentation so you will be given applause by the audience. Remember that having a good presentation, your suggestions, opinions project proposals have the best chance for approval.

Easy to Read

The best PowerPoint presentation must be easy to read. So, make sure to use standard letters like Times New Roman or Arial. Use big font size so that your audience won’t find it hard to read the letters in your presentation.

A Clear Title on Every Slide

You must use clear, bold, and easy to read letters on all slide titles.

Get a Simple Background

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, you should always pay importance to your slide’s background. Don’t let the sentences you’ve written unclear to read because you have a contrasting background. Make sure that your background won’t affect the sentences or letters on every slide.

Charts and Graphics

With the use of images including diagrams and charts, this will help you explain about the topic you’re presenting in a much better way. Moreover, through using charts or graphics, you’ll refresh the atmosphere and catch the attention of your audience.

Stay Focus

Only write the important details about your topic that you’re going to present. Never use a lot of sentences or words in a presentation slide, yet simply write your course outline or title. You must also ensure that each slide you make is related to one another.

Avoid Having Too Many Slides

Never make a lot of presentation slides for just one topic to discuss. Create slides as efficient as possible. If the topic you discuss is long, a verbal explanation is much better.

Speak in a Clear Manner

When giving a PowerPoint presentation, try to speak in a clear way so that the audience might understand the presentation you provide. Majority of audiences think than PowerPoint presentation isn’t quite interesting and with your good conversation and creativity, you might change this view.

Future Follow Up

One of the important things is to give the audiences the chance to ask questions at another time on the presentation’s topic. Therefore, never hesitate to put down your email list, website, and telephone number at the end of your PowerPoint presentation. This can be a great plus for you.

There are other ways to make a good PowerPoint presentation. If you want to get your audience’s attention, always make sure that your PowerPoint presentation features a good template. There are numerous templates that you can take advantage for your PowerPoint presentation. Most of these templates are available for free and some can be availed at a particular rate. If you like to enjoy savings, choosing free templates can be the best choice. Just make sure that your chosen template will offer match or suit on the topic you want to present. In this way, it will be a lot easier for you to input details in every slide.